How Does Marine Collagen Make Your Skin Glow?

with KIKI HEALTH Marine Collagen Beauty Blend

Collagen, a huge “buzz word” at the moment, is the protein that makes up the structural framework of our skin, as well as our bones, joints and muscles. While collagen production is natural in our body, the rate at which we produce it slows by 2% each year, until it stops altogether. This decline starts in our 20s and becomes visible when we start to notice more laxity (loose skin) in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging, all of which is accelerated by environmental factors such as sun exposure, diet and pollution. Along with our skin, we’ll also start to notice more brittle nails and thinning hair.

A good skincare regime can improve our collagen production, however starting from within has a bigger impact. Studies have proven that stimulating your body to produce new collagen with a supplement can lead to increased skin hydration, and a reduction in wrinkle depth. Of the collagen supplements available, marine collagen is known to have superior bioavailability to that of bovine and porcine collagen, meaning your body absorbs it more rapidly and efficiently. Type I collagen creates strong, flexible skin and bones, and replenishes collagen levels to combat signs of aging by improving skin elasticity, firmness, moisture and hydration. Hello glowing skin!

But the benefits don’t stop there, as marine collagen has also been shown to improve hair and nail health, encouraging growth and shine, and curbing sugar cravings due to an increase in protein.

Kiki Health Marine Collagen Beauty Blend is a supercharged cocktail of not just pure hydrolysed marine collagen (boasting a huge 7500mg per serve), but also contains natural Vitamin C from organic Camu Camu and Acai powders to boost skin’s natural collagen production, as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration. No fillers or additives, just pure, potent and natural ingredients to boost your skin, and your health.